Here is a sure shot way to land in your dream job

Confucius is believed to have said, “Choose the work that you love to do and you will not have to work a single day in your life.” While ideally everyone strives to land up in a job that they always dreamt of and one which is closest to their hearts irrespective of whether it pays them enough or not, the reality is that remuneration does form part of important consideration while taking up a job. 

And then there are phases:

It also happens that once you have landed your dream job, the passion starts to wear off slowly but surely. In the middle of your life you suddenly realize that you are probably in the wrong place doing all the wrong things. Then you realize that it is time for you to move on.

You will know it for sure:

When the time is ripe and you feel it, you will know for sure that it signals that you have had enough in that position. It is the now or never moment and the best thing to do at that kind of moment is to think forward and to make the right decision. It is possible that you may become emotional or insecure but it is important to tide over such negative feelings and be able to make the right decision with your head on your shoulders. 

You will need loads of courage:

In situations such as where you make a job change or a career change, it will require a lot of courage from you. The moment you get nervous and jittery, the moment of reckoning can slip away from your hands. That is precisely why you must be extremely clear if you want to take the plunge and once you are clear and you have gathered the required guts, don’t look back. Just go for it!

The real test is applying for the job:

Once you have decided that you need a change the next big hurdle is to actually know what you are looking for and to be able to locate it ad apply for it successfully.

Mapping out your career:

It is highly advisable that you put your plans down in black and white. The most prominent question you need to ask yourself is where you see yourself five years from now. Do I see myself in a higher post in a particular organisation; or do you see yourself working for five years at least on some ambitious project. The idea of writing down your plans is to make it very clear to the person to whom it count the most – you!

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